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Thai Rice Farmer taken during a photography workshop at Suan Sook Homestay

Thinking Outside The Box

Photography blog of Kevin Landwer-Johan focusing not so much on the ‘box’ we use as our means of capturing images but more on the art of photography.

My Mother Holding Her Box Brownie
My mother holding her first camera, the classic Kodak Box Brownie,
which she has owned for 65 years.

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Hmong Kart Racing taken during a Chiang Mai Custom Photography Workshop

Essential Qualities Which Make Photographs Good

Let's take a look at the qualities that make up good photographs, regardless of your subject or the gear you use to make the photos. Understanding these principles and how to put them into practice will make you a better photographer.

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Kayan long neck and Kayaw girls laughing together

What You Need to Know About Hill Tribe Tourism​

Bad news is easy news to write because people love to read it. Many articles have been written about perceived negative aspects of what’s known as ‘Hill Tribe Tourism'. Because of my experience and relationship I take a different perspective.

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Asian woman taking a photo with a camera.

How To Choose the
Best Travel Photography Workshop

Travel time is precious. Most of us don't get enough of it and we all want to make sure we have great photos of our journeys. Let me help you choose the best travel photography workshop experience so you can make the most of your time away.

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Chaing Mai Photo Workshops Poi Sang Long Festival

Focus on Improving Your Photography Skills

Every photographer wants to take better photos. I know you want to improve your photography skills. Do you find yourself trying to work on up skilling too many techniques at once? Take a step back. Review some of your recent photos you were not satisfied with.

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Tricycle Taxi Rider in Thailand taken during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

Learn the Value of Patience and Anticipation in Travel Photography

It's very easy to be a snap shooter, especially when you are traveling. Being out and about away from your normal walk in life, you see more things that are different and interesting. Being patient is an essential skill for all photographers.

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Buddha Statue Face with a dark background

Best Tested Tips for Travel Photography Etiquette in Thailand

Many people travel to Thailand with their camera and want to know they are following proper etiquette. Thai people are generally very polite. I've found if you are also polite you will most often get better photographs.

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Hmong Amputee
Market Mannequin – How To Compose the Best Photos – Fill The Frame
Bangkok Sidewalk
Hmong Kart Racing in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Artistic Monk during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

Published Photography Articles

This is a selection of articles I’ve written for various web sites. Here you will find a broad variety of photography topics covered but without so much of a personal touch as I write with for my own blog.

Beautiful Thai woman in traditional costume during a Chiang Mai Photography Workshop
Two Kayan Long Neck Girls photographed during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

Why You Should Have
Photography Heroes

We are inundated daily with visual imagery. It's easy to become dulled by it. Here's an article encouraging you to be inspired by the masters of photography.

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Hmong Blacksmith Stitched taken during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

How to Use the Brenizer
Stitching Method

Have you ever heard of the Brenizer method? It's a very cool way to create amazing seamless stitched images with a very shallow depth of field.

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Adjusting the diopter on a Nikon DSLR camera

Viewfinder Image Blurry?
Here’s How To Correct It

Does your camera monitor display a sharp image and yet your viewfinder is blurry? You may need to adjust your camera’s diopter.

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Pros and Cons of Upgrading from a Phone to a Real Camera

Enjoying taking photos with your phone, but want to take your image making to the next level? Check out this popular article to learn how you can.

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Hmong Kart Racing taken during a Chiang Mai Custom Photography Workshop

Look. Think. Click. Don’t Rush Into Taking Those Action Photos

Great action photos are not often created on the spur of the moment. They take careful planning and anticipation. Learn techniques which will make you more successful.

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Karen Assistant Holding a Reflector

How to Use a Reflector to Improve Your Natural Light Portraits

Reflectors are one accessory that can easily make a huge improvement to your outdoor portraiture. Read this article and learn how to use one.

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