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Shy photographers know how uncomfortable it is being photographed. Naturally, we should be more sensitive, more empathetic, and therefore more capable of creating portraits with depth and feeling. 

Photographing People – A Guide For Shy Photographers, will encourage and teach you to take photos of people. Experience has taught me to overcome the feeling of not wanting to impose when I point my camera in the direction of a person. It’s also taught me this fear is common, particularly amongst shy photographers.

This book is a collection of life stories and teaching. It’s my journey, and may be yours.

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The photos of people I’ve taken on my travels are my favorite souvenirs. Along the way, though, I know I’ve missed so many opportunities because I was not prepared or just too shy to ask if I could take a photo. In this book, Kevin describes how he personally overcame shyness to become the awesome portrait photographer that he is. In this down to earth and easy to read text, Kevin provides practical advice on preparation as well as how to approach and communicate with people you’d like to photograph. This is an inspiring little book. I read it while traveling in Mexico and, in the two days after finishing it, I approached three people for photos and, using Kevin’s suggestions, they all said “Yes”. If you love taking photos of people, you will love this book. I can’t recommend it enough!

Maryellen, Davis, California, USA

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  1. Grazie per le interessanti istruzioni e per la cordialità comunicativa. Sono curioso di leggere il libro.

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