Photography Portfolio of Kevin Landwer-Johan

Black and White

A selection of my black and white photography.

Black and White Photography Gallery

A mixture of film photography and digital. This gallery is a small representation of so much of my monotone work. Most of my black and white photography occurred as I worked for newspapers, who retain the copyright on those photos, so I don’t have many of them to share here.

Photographing in black and white effectively requires you to ‘see’ in monotone. Paying attention more to light, tone and shape compositions are often stripped down to basics. I think in some respects it was easier with film. The choice to include color or not was made when you loaded your film, and then lasted for up to 36 exposures. Now, with digital, you can post process your images in black and white and never ‘see’ in black and white when you’re taking photos. Try it sometime. Think like you have a black and white film in your camera. How will it influence your photography?

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