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I write my photography blog more personally than articles I have published elsewhere. I don't get technial often and prefer writing about photography rather than camera gear.

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Photography is more than just making camera adjustments. Expressing your feeling about what you experience will produce your best photos. This is how we teach our workshops in Thailand.

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Photography Retreats

We host customized photography retreats based at our home and taking in the surrounding area. Stay at our boutique hideaway and be immersed in photography on your next vacation.

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With 30+ years of professional photography experience and over 10,000 online students my courses give you step by step photography instruction. Gain confidence and improve your photography.

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Here's a selection of photography stuff we love and why we love it. All books and products have affiliate links so we make a little each time you make a purchase, (at no extra cost to you.)

Freelance Writing

Do you need quality content for your photography magazine or blog? I am a freelance photography writer. I write creative content covering virtually every main aspect of photography. Contact me


For those serious about taking their photography to higher levels, I provide an online, structured mentoring program. My mentoring is customized and designed to suit your needs.

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I must show what I am made of! Photography is my life and here is what I do ... From some of my very first, my photography montages, outdoor studio portraits and more.

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Practical Encouragement for Passionate Photographers

Photography, and teaching it, is my passion. I love to share my experience, to empower you to enjoy photography more.

Thai ethnic minority girls having fun together during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

To enjoy photography more means you have to be taking better photos than you were previously. Our workshops exist to teach you how to make this happen.

I (Kevin) have had over 30 years professional photography experience. Starting out in newspapers and covering all manner of subjects and styles throughout my career. I love people and travel photography.

Chiang Mai Photo Workshops Kevin Teaching at Doi Suthep

I started out working on the photo desk in a daily newspaper. I was excited for the opportunity to work with and learn from ten professional photojournalists. Sadly, it was harder than I thought. They were all very competitive and secretive about how they made their photographs.

Eventually I gained the confidence of a few senior photographers as they realized I was seriously passionate. They began to teach me some.

As I progressed through the ranks and became a photojournalist myself, this then became my photography school. Learning by experience. Being required to come back from every assignment with at least one publishable photograph was superb motivation.

This early frustration to find willing teachers has always inspired me to share what I know.

Chiang Mai Photo Workshops Kevin Teaching at Doi Suthep

Before moving to Chiang Mai I ran a successful freelance photography business in New Zealand. Since moving to Thailand I have continued to pursue my career in photography and also documentary film making. I love the relaxed northern Thai culture and people.

My images have been run in many national and international publications including Time Magazine. My award winning work is also represented by Getty Images, iStock, Alamy and other major stock photo and video agencies. I am on the advisory board of TIPS (Thailand International Photography Society.) I also contribute articles regularly to the Digital Photography School website and write my own blog.

I’m a self taught photographer with a depth of experience that I desire to share with others.

Kevin Landwer-Johan teaching a Chiang Mai Photo Workhsop

I developed Chiang Mai Photo Workshops. From the beginning my aim has been to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Our photography workshops are designed for people who want immerse in photography learning and cultural experience for a day. We also run photography workshops from our boutique bed and breakfast, Suan Sook Homestay. These are a more relaxed pace and can be as long or short as you’d like.

I want to give you an awesome experience where your photography ability grows more in a day than it ever has before.

Starting the day with a conversation about your photography experience, I get a feeling for where you are at. This leads to more precise and personally focused teaching.

During the day teaching is extensive and there’s always room for lots of questions and extra clarification on the difficult stuff.

Don’t worry that you won’t remember it all because we give all our workshop customers one of our online courses.

Master Your Camera – Master Your Creativity supports and revises our in person workshop teaching. Once you’ve enrolled you can revisit the lessons as often as you like. There’s also a whole bunch of practical photography exercises included.

I love teaching our Chiang Mai Photo Workshops and the workshops we run based at our bed and breakfast, Suan Sook Homestay. The workshops in and around Chiang Mai are just one day whereas the Suan Sook photography retreats can be as long as you like.

If you’re ready to make a booking or learn more, please visit Chiang Mai Photo Workshops or Suan Sook Homestay.

Suan Sook Homestay photo workshops Lung Tee Watering

We run three other connected websites (which we are currently building.)

Chiang Mai Photo Workshops is all about our one day workshops based in and around Chiang Mai.

Suan Sook Homerstay has all the information about our bed and breakfast and the photography retreats we run based there.

Photo Workshops Online has a growing selection of our online photography workshops.

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The first newsletter you will receive after signing up includes free enrollment to one of my online photography courses – “Ten Top Tips – Be More Creative With Your Camera.” This course covers ten things I wish I’d known about photography when I was starting out. It also includes a number of practical photography exercises.

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