Photography Portfolio of Kevin Landwer-Johan

Photos of People

Taking Photos of People is Hard

When I first started taking photos I could not bring myself to photograph people. Taking photos of people was too hard. I was too shy. Now, when I’m asked what subject I enjoy photographing the most, I say ‘people’.

It’s been a difficult and challenging journey, but one I had to take if I wanted to work professionally as a photographer. I got lucky and landed a job in the photography department of a daily newspaper when I was young. I quickly learned that virtually every photo published in the paper had at least one person in it. Initially, my tasks were mainly administrative. Sometimes, when other photographers were all busy or not interested in boring assignments, I was sent out. It was required that I return with publishable pictures. If I did not I am sure I would not have kept my job for long. I had no choice but to start photographing people.

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