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Thai Rice Farmer taken during a photography workshop at Suan Sook Homestay

Thinking Outside The Box – A Blog By Kevin Landwer-Johan

Photography blog of Kevin Landwer-Johan focusing not only on the ‘box’ we use as our means of capturing images but also on the art of photography.

Taking pictures involves engaging both our intellectual and technical skills in using our cameras. It’s also necessary to express our creative and artistic intuitions so our images convey meaning.

Through this blog, my online courses, and in-person workshops my aim is to share information about photography and my continually growing passion for it.

I’m open to feedback, so please remember to leave comments and ask questions.

My Mother Holding Her Box Brownie
My mother holding her first camera, the classic Kodak Box Brownie,
which she has owned for 65 years.

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Hmong Kart Racing taken during a Chiang Mai Custom Photography Workshop

Essential Qualities Which Make Photographs Good

Let's take a look at the qualities that make up good photographs, regardless of your subject or the gear you use to make the photos. Understanding these principles and how to put them into practice will make you a better photographer.

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Kayan long neck and Kayaw girls laughing together

What You Need to Know About Hill Tribe Tourism​

Bad news is easy news to write because people love to read it. Many articles have been written about perceived negative aspects of what’s known as ‘Hill Tribe Tourism'. Because of my experience and relationship I take a different perspective.

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Asian woman taking a photo with a camera.

How To Choose the
Best Travel Photography Workshop

Travel time is precious. Most of us don't get enough of it and we all want to make sure we have great photos of our journeys. Let me help you choose the best travel photography workshop experience so you can make the most of your time away.

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Chaing Mai Photo Workshops Poi Sang Long Festival

How to Adjust Your Camera Settings For the Best Photos

Manual mode can challenge people as to which exposure settings to adjust for the best photos. I am often asked by people taking our workshops in Thailand, “Kevin, which setting should I change first?”

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Traditional Dress Phone Call 25 Valuable Tips For The Best Travel Photography Portraits

25 Valuable Tips For The Best Travel Photography Portraits

Travel always involves meeting people. Learning to make great travel portraits will enrich your experience. It will also help preserve your wonderful memories. Here are 25 tips to help you make the best travel photography portraits.

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Buddha Statue Face with a dark background

Best Tested Tips for Travel Photography Etiquette in Thailand

Many people travel to Thailand with their camera and want to know they are following proper etiquette. Thai people are generally very polite. I've found if you are also polite you will most often get better photographs.

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Published Photography Articles

This is a selection of articles I’ve written for various web sites. Here you will find a broad variety of photography topics covered but without so much of a personal touch as I write with for my own blog.

Beautiful Thai woman in traditional costume during a Chiang Mai Photography Workshop
Ballet Dancing Portfolio of KevinLJ © Kevin Landwer-Johan

How to Take Stronger Portraits by Isolating Your Subject

Isolating your subject will make for a stronger photo than when they are surrounded by clutter. Distracting elements in the same composition as a person you’re photographing will only serve to draw attention away from them.

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Portfolio of KevinLJ © Kevin Landwer-Johan Attractive Young Photographer

All You Need To Know About Fill Flash

How do you use fill flash is a question many photographers struggle with. Flash adds another level of complexity to photography. Like anything, once you have some understanding of how it works, it’s much easier than you might imagine.

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Adjusting the diopter on a Nikon DSLR camera

Shooting in Manual Mode

Manual camera settings may be challenging to new photographers. In my opinion, shooting in manual mode is a great way to learn photography. What I am teaching here is practical information for beginner photographers. For those who want to know how shooting in manual mode can improve their photography.

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Two Kayan Long Neck Girls photographed during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

Why You Should Have
Photography Heroes

We are inundated daily with visual imagery. It's easy to become dulled by it. Here's an article encouraging you to be inspired by the masters of photography.

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Portfolio of KevinLJ © Kevin Landwer-Johan Thai Dancer in Pink

How to Control Depth of Field in Your Photography

It’s a common misconception that the f-stop you use will control depth of field (DOF). Aperture setting certainly has an influence, but there are other factors to consider. .

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Portfolio of KevinLJ © Kevin Landwer-Johan Couple Portrait Tattoo

Ways to Modify Your Flash for More Controlled Lighting

Flash can be a confusing addition for many new photographers. But there’s really only one way to gain experience. Learning to use your flash well takes practice. .

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