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Travel photography is all about capturing experiences, people, and places. I love to travel and it’s always a great challenge to capture the experience as well as I possibly can. I hope that you will find a whole lot of inspiration in this category that will help you take better travel photos.

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Going Underground – Cave Photography on Doi Inthanon​

Going Underground – Cave Photography on Doi Inthanon by Kevin Landwer-Johan Caves are fascinating to people who like damp places with little or no light. Exploring a subterranean world of mysterious caverns is not my ideal recreational activity. Or a photography location. Having to navigate rugged terrain illuminated only by a headlamp can be dangerous. …

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happy woman with a new camera taking photo © Kevin Landwer-Johan

How To Choose the Best Travel Photography Workshop

Let me help you choose the best travel photography workshop experience. Travel time is precious. Most of us don’t get enough of it and we all want to make sure we have great photos of our journeys. Finding a photography workshop will ensure you arrive home with impressive photos.

Beautiful - What You Need to Know About Hill Tribe Tourism © Kevin Landwer-Johan

What You Need to Know About Hill Tribe Tourism

Chiang Mai has diverse ethnic minorities. They’ve traditionally dwelt high up in the mountains, away from the cities and Thai majority. We’re living in the 21st century and much has changed. Some things more rapidly and drastically than others. Transformation of culture is continuous. The shedding of traditional lifestyle is happening in this digital age faster than during any other time in history. This is being echoed in the lives of these ethnic minority peoples.