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Can You Really Take Wonderful Photos With Your Phone?

Are you loving taking photos with your phone, but have become frustrated with the limitations you can see in your pictures? Especially compared to friends who are using DSLR or mirrorless cameras.Smartphones have become more about the camera than most other technology they possess, not in the least, the actual phone.

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Patience and Anticipation in Travel Photography

It’s very easy to be a snap shooter, especially when you are traveling. Being out and about away from your normal walk in life, you see more things that are different and interesting. It’s very easy just to grab a quick snapshot and move on. However, if you take your time to look at your subject, consider where the light is coming from and how it falls on your subject. Move your point of view to find the best spot to shoot from. Change your point of view – lying on the ground or crouching down may give you a far more interesting perspective. Rather than grabbing a quick snap, take a little time to make a more striking photograph.

Chaing Mai Photo Workshops Poi Sang Long Festival

How to Be Better Prepared to Take Great Photos

Being prepared means knowing your camera and how to adjust the settings quickly whenever you need to. I need to know how to adjust my DSLR camera settings for different situations as they occur. This does come mostly through practice, but initially, it comes with some study of your camera.

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How To Choose the Best Travel Photography Workshop

Let me help you choose the best travel photography workshop experience. Travel time is precious. Most of us don’t get enough of it and we all want to make sure we have great photos of our journeys. Finding a photography workshop will ensure you arrive home with impressive photos.

Beautiful - What You Need to Know About Hill Tribe Tourism

What You Need to Know About Hill Tribe Tourism

Chiang Mai has diverse ethnic minorities. They’ve traditionally dwelt high up in the mountains, away from the cities and Thai majority. We’re living in the 21st century and much has changed. Some things more rapidly and drastically than others. Transformation of culture is continuous. The shedding of traditional lifestyle is happening in this digital age faster than during any other time in history. This is being echoed in the lives of these ethnic minority peoples.

Porter Portrait 25 Valuable Tips For The Best Travel Photography Portraits

How to Improve Your Photography Skills

Every photographer wants to take better photos. I know you want to improve your photography skills. Do you find yourself trying to work on up skilling too many techniques at once? Take a step back. Review some of your recent photos you were not satisfied with.