Going Underground – Cave Photography on Doi Inthanon​

Going Underground – Cave Photography on Doi Inthanon by Kevin Landwer-Johan Caves are fascinating to people who like damp places with little or no light. Exploring a subterranean world of mysterious caverns is not my ideal recreational activity. Or a photography location. Having to navigate rugged terrain illuminated only by a headlamp can be dangerous. …

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Orange and yellow sunset with a silhouetted bird flying on Cook Strait, New Zealand

Learning How to Photograph People [Book Excerpt]

I’m busy writing a book. As yet, it is untitled. The topic I am covering will be of most interest to photographers who struggle with feelings of shyness when it comes to making portraits. It’s based on my own experience. Here’s a short excerpt:

Elle Macpherson photo by Kevin Landwer-Johan

Be Prepared to Make the Most of Every Photo Opportunity

Know your camera well and be prepared for whatever might happen when you least expect it. If you are ready to seize at an opportunity you will probably get better photos than you expected.This means checking your attitude as well as your camera gear. If you approach a photo opportunity with a negative preconceived idea of how it will be, you are not so likely to get great results.

Cricket Match Collision

How I Made the Most of a Great Photography Opportunity

Photography has been my passion since I bought a camera. I was 19 years old and hungry to learn. But it took me a few years to make any significant progress.In this article, I’ll share some of my story. This is how I made the most of a great opportunity and began my journey as a professional photographer.


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