Looking down at a woman on the sidewalk in Bangkok. Tips For Travel Photography etiquette in Thailand

Want to Take Better Photos? This is How I Do It #2

Street Movement Portrait
Photographing on the streets of Bangkok is a lot of fun, if you can cope with the crowds and the heat. Capturing some movement of the people passing was my main aim for this portrait.

Working with someone very patient was the key here. Setting up for this photo and taking enough to make one or two portraits worth sharing took at least an hour.

Tricycle Taixs Action Portrait taken during a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

How to Make the Most of Depth of Field

Depth of field (DOF) is the part of your composition which is acceptably in focus. Knowing how to control it is essential if you want to make the most of it.Having too little or too much of you photo in focus can mean it does not have the impact and meaning that you intended.

How To Overcome Unwanted Motion Blur in Your Photos Kevin Landwer-Johan Photographer

How To Overcome Unwanted Motion Blur in Your Photos

A common cry emanates from photographers when they find their photos are blurry. This anguish is most frequently heard when we sit at our computers with an image at 100% zoom. Sure that it looked sharp on the camera monitor the life-size version appears as one big unsharp smudge.


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