woman taking a photo with a mirrorless camera © Kevin Landwer-Johan

Transform Your Photography Game: Switch from Phone to Camera

Holding a camera is different from how you hold your phone to take a photo.

The reason why it is important to hold your camera well is that it helps you to take better photos. It reduces the risk of blurry pictures. Once you form a good habit of holding your camera well you’ll also find that it is more comfortable to work with.

Asian woman taking a photo for photography terms © Kevin Landwer-Johan

Starting a Photography Blog

Starting a Photography Blog: Following Your Passion or Chasing a Dream? by Kevin Landwer-Johan Are you passionate about photography and ready to share your work and ideas with the world? Starting a photography blog can be a great way to showcase your talent. It can connect with a community of like-minded creatives, and even turn …

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Two women on a Chiang Mai Photo Workshop

222 Helpful Photography Terms Every Camera Owner Needs to Know

222 Helpful Photography Terms Every Camera Owner Needs to Know by Kevin Landwer-Johan Learning photography terms will help you enjoy taking photos even more than you do now. I’ve carefully compiled this glossary of photography terms to help you. Understanding the jargon photographers use provides you with a good foundation to continue learning the art …

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focsuing mode on a mirrorless camera

How to Set Up a Camera for The Best Photography Experience

DSLR and mirrorless cameras are more complicated than ever. How to set up a new camera so you get the best photography experience is an important first step. But many people stumble and end up crawling along and hindering their progress. This article teaches you how to set up the essential controls on your new camera.

How To Choose A Camera For Beginners

How to choose a camera for beginners is a difficult decision. There are so many options. The technology is complicated and the specs of cameras can be confusing. The price range is broad. And most cameras on the market will take excellent quality photographs. So how to choose a camera for beginners requires some guidance.